Granville - Johnstown Trail

Granville-Johnstown Trail

This trail is part of the T. J. Evans Recreation Trail. This scenic trail is very popular with cyclists, runners, and walkers. The trail is flat and well maintained with many shaded areas.

  • A 14.5 mile paved trail begins at the Cherry Valley Rd. parking lot on the west end of Newark and passes through the villages of Granville and Alexandria, and ends in Johnstown.
  • The eastern section of the trail runs along the Raccoon Creek, crossing former railroad bridges as it follows the converted railway, passing through woodlands and farms, as it continues west all the way to Johnstown.
  • Granville has a number of entertainment options, including restaurants, museums, shopping and historical sites, making the trek up the hill from the trail a worthwhile effort.
  • The trail passes Wildwood Park on the western edge of Granville, with a playground, shelter house, water station, and restrooms available.
  • The trail passes through Alexandria on its way to the trailhead in Johnstown. Reaching downtown Johnstown from the trail requires a short distance through some village streets.


Granville Crossing
Granville Trail
Johnstown Trail Head


Granville-Johnstown Map